Allow Parents the option to keep children off school during covid 19 crisis

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Whilst there are I am sure many who do not see the need, I feel those who do wish to should be allowed to protect their children as they see fit by taking their children out of school without legal consequences. Sadly we have seen already the devastation the new coronavirus causes and the speed at which it spreads. We have also seen that it has been brought to schools in the UK already. 

Having 2 very young children, one with health concerns making him particularly vulnerable to any lung issues, i would like the right to withdraw my older child from school until this coronavirus crisis passes but have been informed i would face penalties. This leaves me unable to protect my children from this deadly virus.

Our children are the most precious things in our lives. They are also very vulnerable with their immune systems being not fully matured. Young children are renowned for not remembering to wash their hands and putting hands in their mouths, making them increase the risk of contracting the virus if they are exposed to it.

All I want is for parents to be allowed the control to protect their children by withdrawing them from schools in this difficult time as they see fit. Not as the law allows, which in some cases may end up too late. A temporary change for this situation we are all forced to face seems fair and right.