Allow Nischint's mother to stay in UK

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A top NHS doctor. A caring son. Now forced to leave the country he calls home.

My friend Nischint is a top child psychiatrist in the NHS. He’s a British citizen who has lived here for 15 years - but now he may be forced to leave because of the Home Office’s cruel policies.

Nischint needs his 71 year old mother Phoola to stay in the UK so he can take care of her. She is a widow with no family in India. As Nischint is her only child, he is desperate for her to stay here with him, his wife and their 13-year old daughter.

But the Home Office haven't yet allowed Phoola to stay. This is causing Nischint and his family huge distress - if they refuse it will be such a cruel decision that would tear his family apart.

That’s why I’m calling on the Home Office to allow Nischint’s mother to stay in the UK.

I’ve known Nischint for 13 years. He is such a brilliant doctor - and has cared for thousands of children with mental health problems, saved many young lives and helped thousands of families in distress. 

We are now at risk of losing Nischint as he is preparing to leave the country unless his mother will be able to stay. Australia have already said his whole family - Phoola included - would be welcome there.

With the NHS in crisis they desperately need dedicated doctors like him - so why is the UK Government turning its back and saying he cannot live here with his family anymore?

If Phoola was forced to leave the country it would cause huge distress for her 13 year old granddaughter Soham. And if the family are forced to leave because of this situation Soham would be uprooted from the country she’s lived in her whole life. 

Nischint says they will now leave by December if this situation isn’t resolved. We can’t afford to lose dedicated doctors like Nischint and we cannot be so cruel that we tear his family apart. 

Please sign my petition so that Phoola can stay here with her family in the UK.