All government to be put on minimum wage and state pension

All government to be put on minimum wage and state pension

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Started by Kacey Evison

While people live on the streets, poverty in every town and city, strugglingling to heat their homes for the choice to eat or pay their bills, no care in the community and decline in the National health, pay freezed for and controlled, pensioners in desperation living bellow poverty while MPs, politicians and Government members live the high life with their golden pensions, back handers living of the fat of the land while fiddling expenses... The corruption that shames the UK

The government are giving themselves a pay rise, they can claim thousands for their fuel allowance and basically are out of touch with our working reality.

Our gas and electricity bills are sky rocketing , our council tax, rent and bills are going up. But our wages are going up by a mer 59p ..

Put them all on minimum wage and state pension,  they do not deserve what they earn.. they can not be trusted,  they are all greedy and see £1 signs when they should be doing the best for our country. 

The pathetic 1% pay rise given to the NHS last year is a joke, the NHS work harder than the government for our country.

So I say they should all be earning minimum wage and receive state pension.. if they want a pay rise it should be put to a vote for all UK..  they need to earn it.. about time this country was brought back to Great Britain or United Kingdom.. let them show us how United we are when they join us earning the pittance we receive, and paying the high bills we have to with it. 

Let's stop the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer .. we need to do something to stop this divide getting bigger, something has to give. Enough is enough 


66 have signed. Let’s get to 100!