3 month rent holiday

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In the government's most recent statement they have announced that those paying mortgages will receive a 3 month holiday from making mortgage payments. That is a welcome and much needed relief for those who have to make such payments. Today's announcement fails to address a group of society.

That group is renters. I rent along with my wife in social housing. There is a very real possibility sooner rather than later that my workplace could well close for a period as so many others have had to do or will be doing in the near future. If/when this happens I worry that with the possibility of a possible wage reduction or sick pay due to the shutdown, we will struggle to pay our rent and could well have no home as a result if renters are also not given a 3 month holiday in the same way that those with mortgages are.

This will affect millions of people. There are many more measures that need to be taken in this current climate to assuage people's worries. What I am suggesting will not solve everything but will reduce the worry for people at such a difficult time. I therefore call on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to guarantee that if people are unable to pay their rent due to having no wages or sick pay as a result of the coronavirus they will not lose their homes.