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In January 2020, Jayden O’Neil Crichlow was convicted to a life sentence to serve a minimum of 21 years for his involvement in the wood green murder in February, 2019. Jayden was found guilty under the racist law of JOINT ENTERPRISE. A lazy law used disproportionately on black and mixed race men, women and children. The fact that Jayden was cleared of attempted murder proves that this attack was not premeditated on his part, it only proves his involvement as being present when the murder took place. In 2016, The Supreme Court admitted that the joint enterprise law has been misused, resulting in thousands of injustices. They have since failed to release any of the affected, and are still abusing the law on cases like Jayden’s. Jayden had a promising music career as a drill artist, which was sadly used against him in court. Please consider the fact that they used the negative stigma around drill to justify his character. This is massively unfair. Music is a form expressionism. He was only 17 when he was sentenced to more years then he has been alive. He is now currently 18 years of age serving the remainder of his life sentence. We ask that you consider Jayden as an individual on this case and only convict his actions on his involvement as a minor at the time. Jayden is innocent in terms of murder. We are not asking for immediate freedom, we are asking for the court to convict Jayden fairly and accordingly to his actions alone. The sentence of 21 years is far too harsh on the basis of being present. We understand the questions that may/have been raised: Why didn’t he stop it? Why didn’t he remove himself from the scene? It’s a matter of considering his age at the time which was only 16 and his mentality which is freely used to to dismiss and describe the actions of young white male juveniles. ABOLISH THE JOINT ENTERPRISE LAW! CONVICT JAYDEN AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND NOT UNDER A GROUP COLLECTIVE! Sign this petition and help put right what is so wrong!