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To allow all students to attend their high school prom and in particular allow all seniors to have the opportunity to purchase prom tickets.

For reasons unknown there are not enough prom tickets for the Bordentown regional high school junior/senior prom. The tickets were sold on a first come first serve basis and when my son went to buy his tickets today a month before the prom he was told there were no more tickets. Some students have said that this may be due to the fact that they moved the prom from a Thursday which offered a larger venue to a Friday with less space although this has not been officially confirmed. The tickets are already ridiculously priced at $100 a person. So for a student and a date a family could easily spend over $300 just to go to the prom. Every student should be able to attend the prom and not be limited because of their family's income. Simple math would have demonstrated that 'x' number of students that attend school + a date for each of them would = the amount of tickets to be offered.

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