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Choose a Biodegradable Alternative to Polystyrene cups!

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Daniela Ephraim

Corporate Store Manager

 Booster Juice Canada,

Your smoothies are amazing, but your Polystyrene "Styrofoam" cups are not. Polystyrene is a plastic product created as a petroleum byproduct, and though  it is recyclable, it is only possible to recycle the product in store. Even then, it's only recyclable only once, and once reused, that material will sit in a landfill or our oceans forever.

This is unaccaptable. There are plenty of biodegradable, compostable plastic alternatives already created and on the market and we strongly urge you to consider them. And they don't have to be paper products either! 

We are aware that the best alternative to a single use product is to bring a reusable container from home, but sometimes that isn't always possible. We ask that you help consumers to act in favor of environmental protection by providing an alternative to Styrofoam packaging for your smoothies.

Not only will this lessen your impact on the environment your delicious ingredients come from, it will also allow your customers to feel better about buying from you. Let's move forward to a more sustainable future together!

Thank you for your delicious products!

For more information on Booster Juice cups and their recycling policy, check out;“f”-for-recycling/

For more information on biodegradable alternatives to the Styrofoam cup, check out:™/

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