Swap All Boosted Board V2 Trucks with Stronger V3 Trucks

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The back trucks (skateboard axle) on all models of the V2 have had an unacceptable rate of failure during normal, intended use.

In order to save potential lives, we demand Boosted to create a opt-in program for any V2 owner, regardless of original purchaser, to swap their back trucks with the stronger V3 trucks or another adequate option free of charge.

This is a measure to save lives and reduce the risk of serious injury due to the fact of how disorienting the snap can be. Inexperienced riders and experienced riders alike will have trouble recovering from the shake that happens during at high speeds and with riders often using bike lanes or public roads to ride on, this could result in a head, an arm, or a leg going under the wheel of a car.

Please share this with Boosted riders you know and your brand-agnostic local community members. It’s not just the rider who may be effected, but pedestrians hit by the rogue wheel or board, the victims family, and those in their local eboarding community that will attend the victims funeral or vigil.

Let’s prevent the need for another moment of silence for our lost riders. Thanks for taking the time to read this!