Racial Justice in our local Education System (Boonton NJ)

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Our school administrators have severely overlooked and underrepresented the people of color in our schools- specifically Black students. We demand our school’s staff to proportionately represent our student body demographics. We demand by the year 2023 that our districts develop a plan to recruit, retain, and support Black teachers and other teachers of color. By the year 2023, the teaching staff must be increased to include a minimum of 5% Black teaching staff and at least 10% racially diverse teaching staff as a whole. By the year 2026, we demand a teaching staff made up of at least 20% teachers of color, at least 10% of that being made up of Black teachers. 

As indicated by the Amistad Act, students are required to be taught Black history as it is an integral part of American history as a whole; therefore, we demand rather than merely fulfilling this requirement with the whitewashed and minimal history we have now, it is replaced with a comprehensive Black history with a progressive structure beginning in Kindergarten. Teachers must be culturally responsive and aware of the school and surrounding local communities; moreover, they must be able to teach from multiple perspectives, going outside the curriculum.

We demand that the schools implement authors of color into the English Language Arts classes to include a diversity of thought and of people. Furthermore, this must include authors of color who cover the topic of the Black struggle in society. We demand all of these changes be made at a district level, with students, teachers, and parents at the table of conversation for change.

The use of the N-word is a problem in our schools. Everyday walking in the halls you can hear a non black person saying the N-word with no repercussions. We demand the school district to condemn the use of racial slurs and enforce mandatory reporting of all administrators, teachers, students and staff using racial slurs along with a corresponding punishment. We also demand educating the community and students on the painful history of these slurs being used to belittle people of color. 

We demand these changes to help create a better, and more just future for our community, and we urge our schools to take a hard look at how they can further provide racial justice in our communities for our collective growth and communal well-being.