Protect Agricultural Land on Walton-Nicholson

Protect Agricultural Land on Walton-Nicholson

July 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Janice Darnell

Local Walton residents have been notified that a request was submitted to change the agricultural estate (A-2) and rural suburban (RS) land on the south side of Walton Nicholson Road to Industrial One (I-1), and upon further investigation, we realized that in Boone County's 2040 Comprehensive Plan, Planning and Zoning supports industrial zoning on all of Boone County's Walton Nicholson. This means:

  • A negative impact to property values
  • Reduced green space and quiet atmosphere
  • Increased traffic and congestion
  • Industrial and commercial pesticides
  • Construction debris/dumping
  • Loss of power to fight additional commercial/industrial initiatives

This particular zoning request is for parcel 077.00-00-042.00 for a proposed landscaping, nursery, and construction company, and the property will be directly behind an entire street of houses.  This land is unincorporated Boone County, not technically in the City of Walton, and instead of requesting to be annexed into the city like most houses and businesses would in this situation, this business is planning to get all the benefits of the city-maintained roads and water but is asking not to be included in the sewer system to avoid paying city taxes and fall within the Walton code of enforcement.  This is a business who will reduce our property values and quality of life who does not even want to be a part of Walton.

This is another domino toward commercialization in what we hoped will remain a small town, country atmosphere.  These "serene country scenes" were advertised by the agents of the Handerson LLC developers for the last fifteen years even though they knew of Boone County plans as they had to seek exemption from the comprehensive plan to create residential space in a future industrial section.  In the meantime, Boone County never revised their 1995 plan to accommodate for the influx of family homes and has said that they will not consider revision unless the community speaks up.  Will you be a voice on behalf of these young neighborhoods?

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Signatures: 735Next Goal: 1,000
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