BCHS: Create New Mascot for ALL Students

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Our nation is currently in the midst of of the largest civil rights movement in our history. It is time for Boone County High School to rid itself, once and for all, of its identity as the “Rebels.” The school’s nickname and former mascot have a deeply troubling history which we simply cannot accept or excuse. As alumni, current students, and community members, we demand immediate action to create a new, inclusive identity (nickname and mascot).

BCHS pride comes from our shared experiences, our friendships, our memories, and the fierceness with which we love our community. Not from Confederate nostalgia. Not from a nickname. Students deserve a mascot that everyone can rally around; alumni deserve a mascot they can talk about without shame or embarrassment. Black students, in particular, deserve to attend school without constant reminders of trauma and oppression.


In 1955, the original class chose the Rebels as the school’s official mascot. While many claim it was a tribute to the blockbuster film starring James Dean, Rebel Without A Cause, the iconography of the mascot couldn’t be further from Dean’s likeness. Rather, the mascot was depicted as a Confederate general in a grey uniform waving a Confederate flag. Furthermore, the marching band bore the name “The Rebel Brigade” (eponymous with an active chapter of the Ku Klux Klan) until recently, when it was changed to the not-much-better “Marching Rebels.” In the 1980s, the Confederate flag was removed, but it took nearly three more decades for Mr. Rebel to be phased out. The school now bears no physical mascot, but the nickname remains.  Instead of choosing to do the right thing, the administration willfully chose to cling to “The Rebels” as a method of appeasement. All this accomplished was to rub salt in a wound that was their responsibility to heal.


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