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Boone County Commonwealth Attorney's Office: Press charges for the vehicular homicide of Brooke Chance

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Last year after leaving the Mary Queen of Heaven Church festival on June 23rd, 2012; Brooke Chance, 24, Kyle Chance, 29, and Kelsey Ryan, 21, were walking on the side of the street, eastbound along the 3700 block of Donaldson Road, to their car. They were then struck by a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe driven by one; Christy Vance of Union, Kentucky, who has a history of DUI’s and drug problems. On Sunday, June 24th, 2012, Brooke Chance passed away. The Boone County Sheriff’s Department then assigned an accident reconstruction unit headed by Detective Parsons.


The driver Christy Vance had blood drawn that night, in her blood they found Lorazepam, Adderall and marijuana. There were several eye witnesses who all gave a statement to the police that night. They stated that Christy had swerved off of the road and hit the 3 victims. There were 5 witnesses in total. One witness even stated that it looked as if a friend was just pretending to swerve, as you might do to friends that you would see walking, but when she swerved she didn’t stop, she hit them. She attempted to keep driving but was stopped by another driver. Christy then stepped out of her vehicle and started to yell obscenities to everyone around.


We learned today, March 12th 2013, that unless everyone comes together and pushes this issue, that Christy Vance will never be punished for the innocent life she has taken, not only from her husband Kyle, but their than 8 month old daughter Paizley, who will never to get know her beautiful mother.


Detective Parsons investigated the accident based solely on physical evidence; Parsons excluded ALL eyewitness testimony and declared that due to lack of evidence the case is now closed. How in the world can you close a case that has 5 eye witnesses’ statements all saying that Vance swerved off of the road, the driver at the scene freely admitting she was under the influence, her blood work PROVES she was under the influence AND the driver has previous offenses that have also resulted in the injury of others? THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!


We live in a county that tells us to sit back and let our justice system take care of wrong doings. Well, what do you do when you are FAILED by the “justice system”. They have failed all of Brooke Chance’s family and MOST importantly they have FAILED HER PRECIOUS little daughter!


Please sign this petition to get the Boone County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to take notice of this monumental failure of the justice system. Tell them, WE THE PEOPLE WANT JUSTICE FOR BROOKE CHANCE AND HER FAMILY AND WE WILL NOT STAND BY AND LET CHRISTY VANCE GET AWAY WITH THIS!


Linda Tally Smith's office REFUSED to give me her email address so these signatures would be forwarded to her. Here is her contact information!


Linda Tally Smith
P.O. Box 168
Burlington, Kentucky 41005
Phone  (859) 586-1723 
Fax  (859) 586-1743

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