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It takes millions of years to form hills and mountains, but just few years to destroy them!

The constant plundering of the Parsik Hills in Navi Mumbai under the garb of quarrying has already been destroying the nature and harming the people for decades now. An entire generation grew up with respiratory diseases.  This is the tragic case of vanishing hills. Hills are our heritage and we have no business to destroy them.

According to a recent study by MPCB, stone crushing units emit particulate matter — small pollutant particles than can enter the lungs and cause ailments — almost 100 times the safe limit.

An NGO called Shree Ekavira Aai Pratishthan (SEAP) has pointed out that said a 100-hectare forest was wiped out after a section of the hill was excavated for stone mining. The quarrying also creates dust pollution in the surrounding areas, which causes residents to fall ill.

It is in this context that we at Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) have launched this social communication campaign to appeal to you to ban quarrying of Parsik Hills forthwith.

Advocate Girish Raut, who has been crusading to save the  Mitti River, supported our #BoomCityDoomCity campaign and said: Act now or suffer later.

Himanshu Prem Joshi of Bhavan’s Nature and Adventure Centre, says it is citizen’s alert that is of paramount importance.

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