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Re: Books that need to be removed from schools

Take books on Satanism, witchcraft, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, atheism, profanity and any other books that are inappropriate out of school libraries, classrooms and the curriculum. Many parents are unaware that these books and teachings are in the schools and the School District does not offer prior parental notification of this offensive content. They are our children and we have the right as their parents to know and give or not give consent to what they are learning about before it is given to them.

The U.S. Supreme Court said in 2003, "The interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all members of the court appear to agree." In the 1982 case, Board of Education v. Pico, the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes the legitimate authority that school boards have in removing materials from the educational settings of school libraries and classrooms that are “pervasively vulgar” or “educational unsuitable.” The Court maintains that the school board actions should reflect “community interest in promoting respect for authority and traditional values be they social, moral, or political.”

A School District's responsibility is to provide parents with timely, accurate information about assigned books to allow parents to make the best possible choices for their children. It may be acceptable to present a reading list to parents to decide on the appropriateness of the titles for their children, but isn't it the responsibility of the school board to present to parents a list of appropriate titles in the first place?

The American Library Association recommends inappropriate books to the School District and they put these books in the school libraries and the ALA also puts them in public libraries. Such sources have little regard for local interests or U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The School District persists in passing its responsibility for keeping children from inappropriate material to the parents. This represents a serious problem.

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