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Save the Wilder Woods' Little Free Library

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The Flowers Village HOA board has stated that the Little Free Library in Wilders Woods needs to be taken down because it violates the covenants (See email below). We will be petitioning the architectural board on Tuesday and would like to show them that the 'hood supports the library.

Email from Kohn-Ell

Good afternoon Adrian and Kristine,

The board has reviewed your application for the free library and unfortunately it has been denied for the following reasons: Article IV Architectural/Landscaping Section 4.1 which states:

1.       This was not submitted prior to installation.

Article IV Architectural/Landscaping Section 4.1 which states
4.1.         General. No structure, thing or improvement shall be placed, erected, installed or posted on the Properties and no improvements or other work (including staking, clearing, excavating, grading and other site work, exterior alterations of existing improvements, or planting or removing of landscaping) shall take place within the Properties, except in compliance with this Article and the Design Guidelines. All such guidelines and procedures set forth in this Article and the Design Guidelines shall be in accordance with the master plan for Flowers Plantation and The Village @ Flowers Plantation to which reference is hereby made. Any Owner may remodel, repaint or redecorate the interior of structures located on the Unit without approval hereunder. However, modifications to the interior of porches, patios and similar structures visible from outside the residential dwelling located on a Unit shall be subject to approval. This Article shall not apply to activities of the Declarant or its affiliates, nor to improvements to the Common Area made by or on behalf of the Association. The failure to comply with the requirements in this Article IV shall entitle the Declarant and/or the Board to exercise the remedies set forth in Section 7.5 of this Declaration

2.       This promotes operating business from home which is not allowed per the covenants.

 Exhibit C Initial Use Restrictions and Rules Section 2 (c ) which states:

(c) Business. An Owner or occupant residing in a Unit may conduct business activities within the residential dwelling located on the Unit so long as: (i) the existence or operation of the business activity is not apparent or detectable by sight, sound, or smell from outside the Unit; (ii) the business activity conforms to all zoning requirements for the Properties;

(iii)         the business activity does not involve excessive visitation of the Unit by clients, customers, suppliers, or other business invitees or door-to-door solicitation of residents of the Properties;

(iv)         the business activity is consistent with the residential character of the Properties and does not constitute a nuisance, or a hazardous or offensive use, or threaten the security or safety of other residents of the Properties, as may be determined in the sole discretion of the Board; or (v) does not increase the insurance premium paid by the Association or otherwise negatively affect the Association's ability to obtain insurance coverage, regardless of whether: (i) such activity is engaged in full or part-time, (ii) such activity is intended to or does generate a profit, or (iii) a license is required.

The board has asked that you remove the free library at this time.

 Thank You,

Bonnie Donleycott

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