Let the places of worship gather!

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Today in British Columbia, Places of worship which have previously been restricted to 50 people maximum, have been completely prohibited. Malls, Costco, Bars, Restaurants and other places which host a large crowd continue to be allowed to function as usual. 

We believe that Church and places of worship are a essential service as they provide spiritual health and assistance to those who are already struggling from the effects of the pandemic. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that we are allowed to gather and practice religious freedoms which are now being denied by our government, While other large capacity places are functioning freely, and rarely follow social distancing protocol.

We find this action to be discriminatory towards places of worship and is based on no facts or science as other places remain open. 
If bars, liquor stores, large retail malls, large warehouse stores, cinemas, group support meetings, city council meetings and many other services are allowed to function, how much more should places of worship which provide hope and peace in uncertain times be supported and honoured by our government.

This action goes directly against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and discriminates against places of worship.

We expect these measures to be revised and places of worship to be declared essential service as they function and provide services which are essential to a healthy spirit, soul and body.