Close all BC schools for 2 weeks

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BC has witnessed a massive increase in Covid 19 cases in the past month, Covid 19 cases in BC have dramatically went up up from about 100 new cases a day at the beginning of October to an upwards of 500 new cases a day within the last week  approximately. Dr. Bonnie Henry has implemented new health measures to help bring down the number of cases within our province. Unfortunately despite all the new health measures, the number of cases are still on the rise. As cases are still on the rise we are now faced with a new issue there is a new strain of Covid 19. And now more than ever we need to figure out a new plan for our schools. To be sure that it is safe for students and staff to return. We ask that Dr. Bonnie Henry extend the winter break for all BC students and make a new plan on how to safely return to school.