Legalize Chickens in Mississauga

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Since I was 8 I have wanted a chicken as a pet and have done so much to try to convince my family get one, but when I found out they were illegal I wanted to do something about it. If this petition succeeds, everyone in Mississauga will be able to keep up to three hens (no roosters) as long as they are kept in the proper conditions. As a twelve year old, achieving this would be my dream come true, I would have gotten my dream companion. Not only are chickens amazing pets, but they also produce eggs. If you decide to keep some, you would have a healthy, organic source of protein that you can trust because you would be assured of the lack of harmful steroids/ hormones. Even though the eggs would be amazing to have, the main reason I want chickens is for the wonderful companions that they make. Chickens are loving, loyal and they aren't too much work which makes them the perfect pet. Please support my Petition, so everyone in Mississauga will be able to keep these useful and amazing pets.

Anyone who is a citizen of Mississauga, please sign my petition if you believe in this cause. :)