Keep Current Southern Discovery Elementary School Boundary

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By signing this petition, we wish to ensure a better education for the children of our neighborhood through opposition of the proposed southern boundary which is at the railroad tracks (dash line on map).

We have various reasons, some of which may be:

You may have chosen your place of residence specifically to be within the Discovery Elementary Boundaries. If so, Cloverdale was not intended for your child's education.

You may have special needs children within your family and do not wish for them to be removed from the necessary programs and individuals who have allowed your child to successfully conquer their challenges.

You may wish to keep the stability of a steady group of child friends and the same staff of a single school. You may have even assured your child that there would be no more school changes. For neighborhood students near the end of elementary school this would be the third change in schools without changing residence. 

You may have concerns with Cloverdale's reputation due to their low standardized test scores; a stark contrast to Discovery. Also, some parents and students from Cloverdale have said that bullying is left unchecked there.

For reasons that may include deliberately choosing residence within current boundaries, special needs programs, stability, standardized test scores and bullying concerns we therefore oppose the proposed boundary change and petition Bonneville Joint School District #93 to keep students living south of the railroad tracks and north of Lehim and Deer Stream at Discovery Elementary School.