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We hereby protest the construction of industrial wind projects in New York State. We believe New York State is too densely-populated for industrial wind turbines. They will devalue property by at least 30%, will reduce the number of home buyers in the Counties, and will reduce the number of new homes constructed and new businesses attracted to the areas. We believe residents will move out of  New York State And many have already walked  away from their homes because of problems caused by existing wind farms, school enrollments will decline. We do not wish to live near, or be within eyesight of, industrial wind turbines. We believe IWT’s create health issues for some and more research should be done and have also been seen to cause health and even still births in farm animals, Thousands of birds of prey and endangered species of bats are dying everyday which are vital to our eco-system. They ruin the beautiful landscape enjoyed by all. Wind projects create a hostile atmosphere among landowners, residents and county officials. Inviting wind companies to the area expose the Counties to the risk of litigation. Wind income to the towns does not offset the risk to any citizen’s health or home, and is not worth the burden created for future generations to take these behemoths down. We do not believe that wind turbines are clean energy and threaten the lives of rural residents due to well contamination from 1000s of tons of concrete used , risk of flooding, Oil Leakage And the threat of forest fires. They do not reduce the cost of electric power (FACT), and this industry could not survive without Federal tax credits (PTC). They are a threat to our National Security as they are interfering with Radar. My signature on this petition represents our stance against industrial wind turbines and wind projects in New York State, and may be used in the effort to stop Industrial Wind Turbines in New York State 

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