Stop Bonds promoting Tiger Selfies

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Hi I am 13 years old. I have been to Thailand and have seen first hand endangered animals used for photo opportunities with tourists. I remember how many tourists would go to the tiger kingdom to take selfies with tigers who they would drug to keep them sedated so they could get the photo they wanted. 

Bonds Australia commenced a new underwear campaign on January 21st promoting a new jungle print by using tigers from Dreamworld in Queensland with a Tigers Football star. 

Dreamworld don't believe its their problem because the animals were not stressed. They had 4 humans there with them to keep them calm while the photoshoot took place.

Bonds believe that Dreamworld look after animals and their welfare.

I don't believe this and believe that this campaign is damaging to all the work many organisations do and continue to do to fight for the rights of animals. There are only 13,000 tigers left in the wild and while advertising campaigns like this occur the numbers will dwindle quickly as poachers activities are condoned and tourists exploitation of animals are validated.

All to sell more underwear! Stop exploiting wild endangered animals for money.