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Many artists have come under pressure to cancel performances in Israel by supposedly pro-Palestinian groups. These groups use propaganda as tools to create false images about Israel and then rely on threats to bully performers into cancelling. Among the lies that these groups use:
Israel is an apartheid state. This is patently false. Everyone, including Arabs, in Israel enjoy the full benefits of society. Every ethnic group has the right to vote, hold political office, use motor vehicles,  and has full access to any type of employment. Arabs serve in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), in cabinet posts, and on Israel's Supreme Court. Kenneth Meshoe, a South African Parliament member who lived under apartheid, eloquently dispels this as false.
Israel indiscriminately bombs civilians. This is also false. As evidence, military experts have testified before the UN Human Rights Council that Israel in fact goes beyond what is considered normal and required to safeguard the lives citizens in warfare, often at the risk of its own citizens.
Israel targets Palestinian homes for destruction. Also false. Although many Palestinian homes have been officially demolished, what anti-Israel activists ignore is that Israel also demolishes illegally built homes of Jews built without permits.
Israel intentionally hampers the Palestinian economy. Also false. Anti-Israel activists rely on organizations such as B'Tselem which uses dubious methodology and means  for its reporting and often relies on information that has later been shown to be false.
It can be shown that these activists do not have Palestinian interests at heart, but rather simply seek to hurt Israel in any way possible. One stark example is the Soda Stream company which used to operate in what is called "the West Bank." Soda Stream employed close to a thousand Arabs, giving them gainful employment and health benefits. Now that the company has moved, purportedly due to pressure from anti-Israel activists, those Arabs have lost their jobs.
Anti-Israel activists often rely on false images to spread their lies and propaganda, an industry that has come to be known as "Pallywood."!video-reel/c1cee
One Irish reporter, who had harbored anti-Israel sentiments came to Israel and discovered the truth for himself, witnessing deliberate attempts to create media propaganda. He has now become pro-Israel.
This propaganda has permeated the international press, with some activist journalists undertaking the anti-Israel campaign. Their  anti-Israel rants have often been discredited as lies.
Is any other country besieged by boycott movements? Are artists ever pressured to boycott China over Tibet or Turkey over the Kurds and Cyprus? One is hard-pressed to find such evidence. It is quite clear that the anti-Israel activists hate Israel, not because of how it treats Palestinians, but due to the fact that it is the only Jewish-majority state in the world, something that they cannot tolerate.
We hereby urge Bon Jovi to please ignore these calls to boycott, to stand against bullying tactics, to not take propaganda at face value. We know that when you visit Israel, you will see reality for itself. The photo below is from Tel Aviv.

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