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Hollis was a manager in TDR and was fired Tuesday December 11th. Anyone who knows Hollis knows she was the mom of the kitchen to both the students and the workers; she is the one who kept TDR running. Her managers, Derek and Michelle, blamed her for many things she did not do, things that were not her fault, and things that the managers themselves did wrong and then proceeded to blame Hollis for. They would then write her up for the incidents and make her sign the write ups admitting the incidents were her fault or she would be fired right then and there. They were gunning for her job from the beginning of fall semester after she spoke up to Michelle and said she deserved to be treated with respect (which she was written up for).

Bon Appetit management got so much flack for firing Kevin and they knew they would for firing Hollis too, which is why they fired her right before students left for winter break. They were hoping that no one would notice and the issue would go away quietly. But guess what...we did notice and we are going to do something about it.
Hollis desperately wants her job back because she loves working with the people, and being around the students helps brighten her day and make the pain of losing her only son in a drive-by shooting a little less difficult. All you have to do is sign this petition showing your support for Hollis and letting Bon Appetit know that you want them to rehire Hollis!

Letter to
Bon Appetit
We the students, workers, employees, and friends and families of American University demand that you rehire Hollis Coates. She is a wonderful woman and a great manager who keeps TDR running and this place is not the same without her. It's clear to see how much both the students and the workers care for her and how much she cares for all of us. Students even describe her as their second mom. She has said how much she loves her job and wants to be back with the students and the workers.

Any company who's smart knows that having people like Hollis around is what makes a business successful. It was a big mistake firing her and we all want to see her back. Please rehire her.

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