Bon Appetit: Compensate BIPOC for video appearances

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UPDATE: Rapoport has resigned, but BA still needs to pay it's BIPOC contributors for video appearances 

Sohla El-Waylly, recently came out to speak out against BA for for not paying BIPOC for video appearances, as well as a response to their EIC in brownface. There are multiple reports of Rapoport creating a uncomfortable and even hostile work environment for BIPOC employees and creators at all levels.
Here is the statement from Sohla's instagram stories: 

"I am angry and disgusted by the photo of [Adam Rapoport] in brownface. I have asked for his resignation. This is just a symptom of the racism that runs rampant within the CondeNast as a whole. I've been at [BA] for 10 months and have over 15 years of professional experience. I was hired as an assistant editor at $50k to assist mostly white editors with significantly less experience than me. I've been pushed in front of videos for a display of diversity. In reality, only white editors are payed for their video appearances. none of the people of color have been compensated. I demand the resignation of [Adam Rapoport] but also to see BIPOC given fair titles, fair salaries, and compensation for video appearances"