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Donate Excess Food and Flexi to help Aleviate Hunger in San Francisco


We, the undersigned, urge USF Bon Appetit to donate its excess food and enable Flexi donations to local food banks, like the St. Agnes Food Pantry. 

On November 1, the current food stamp program, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; called "CalFresh" in California), enacted the largest wholesale cut in its program since its inception in 1964.  These cuts mean that a family of four in California must now cut roughly 21 individual meals each month, as calculated by the San Jose Mercury News. Individual recipients of food stamps/SNAP in our state must now survive on $4.57 a day. Who can live on that amount, month after month, and year after year? In addition, further cuts to that amount are anticipated as Congress debates revisions to the farm bill. As the crisis becomes more dire, food pantries will be taxed to capacity as they play a decisive role in reducing hunger and stopping starvation. 

We know that there are protocols in place for the management of excess food and the use of Flex accounts. But given the growing severity of the crisis, we urge Bon Appetit to modify its policies and join a national movement to alleviate hunger. 

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