Stop the destruction of our environment by plastic pollution

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World wide plastic in various forms is finding its way into the rivers and oceans.

Scientists have discovered that the so-called biodegradable plastic is present in huge quantities in the oceans. Some of the plastic particles are small enough so that of the smallest living organisms in the sea can, and do, ingest these particles. Some of them die as a result. These organisms are in turn eaten by larger ones and eventually the fish we eat ingest quantities of small plastic particles that has come to them via the food chain. As the quantities of plastic particles increase the fish will also start dying of the ingested plastic.

There are numerous cases of sea creatures that have died because of getting entangled plastic thread of one kind or another. A whale was recently found to have a stomach full of plastic bags which more than likely caused its death.

The same plastic pollution is killing our rivers !

We need a solution to the problem or we will die from it.

People unfortunately tend to simply throw down empty bags, plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, straws etc.

We request that, like other countries in the world,

1) The use of plastic for any one-time use is banned.

2) Plastic may only be used for products manufactured for repeated use and which are not biodegradable.

3) All manufacturers / suppliers of plastic products must prove that they can and will recycle plastic products, mentioned in 2) above, when returned to them.