Abolish the 2-mile rule for Transportation within Bonham ISD

Abolish the 2-mile rule for Transportation within Bonham ISD

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Meagan Hubbard started this petition to Bomham ISD

Bonham ISD uses the 2-mile rule in regard to transportation of students to and from school. The number of children walking to and from school varies each year, but none the less there will always be children walking to school. With the expected population surge due to the new lake, it is certain that the number of children walking will also increase. 


Fatalities are a major issue when it comes to children. According to parents.com, almost 400 children under the age of 15 are killed walking to and from school, nationwide every year. These statistics show that the highest risk students are in the age range of children attending Bailey Inglish Head Start, Finley Oates, I. W Evans, and L.H Rather Junior High. Almost 100 children under age 4, are killed in their own driveways by backing vehicles. 2,400 are injured by backing vehicles in parking lots, and driveways. 


Cognitive development plays a large role in children, and the understanding of the risks associated with motor control, and taking into account multiple facets of a problem. “Problems” can refer to a speeding vehicle, a stranger offering them a ride to school or home, or gauging how fast they will need to walk to avoid being hit by a car. When the manipulative of talking to friends, texting on a handheld device, or simply daydreaming are placed into the equation, the risk of being hit by a vehicle is much higher. Science has proven that children lack the development of the prefrontal cortex to associate danger in regard to impulse control. Those impulses  are similar to that of the decision to run across a busy road. 


In Bonham city limits, teenagers that currently attend Bonham High School, have been seen walking directly in front of moving vehicles. If this was not an issue, why would the district have felt the need to close Nolan Ashmore when students are in attendance? 


Bonham lacks adequate cross walks, and side walks to aide students in the journey to and from school. There are no sidewalks in many areas, and some sidewalks have damage that would prevent anyone from riding a bicycle, without having to venture into the street. 


Russell Ave is a major artery of traffic from highway 121 to North Center Street. With the closure of the onramp to Highway 82 on Highway 78, the traffic has increased exponentially. The danger for students walking, or riding bicycles has also increased with the influx of traffic. 


With increased rain in the area, students are forced to walk to school in wet conditions. A student can not retain dignity among their peers, if they are forced to sit in a classroom all day in wet clothing. Even if they bring a change of dry clothing for the day, their backpacks can only withstand so much water before they are compromised. Extreme cold, and heat are other risk factors for students that walk or ride bikes to and from school. 


Bonham ISD students are forced to walk in the close vicinity of registered sex offenders. Students are rarely accompanied by a parent or guardian, so they are at high risk of being approached by a sex offender. Please refer to the city of Bonham sex offender map. 


Students that are walking to, and from school with no adult supervision are possibly doing so due to socioeconomic issues. By providing  transportation these children will be met with a sense of security, and safety. 


Many parents in the Bonham ISD district are not able to find adequate paying jobs, due to the fact that they must be off of work to transport their children. This forces many parents into unemployment, and the children’s lives are affected the most. When a parent can work to provide essentials for their family, they are given a sense of dignity. Their children also see their mother and/or father going to work, and will strive to do the same. These parents are then bettering their lives, and their children’s lives. They are paying taxes, paying into Social Security, and Medicare. Therefore, they are being good working members of society.  

A particular school’s ADA (average daily attendance) has been shown to increase when a student is offered transportation. The number of tardies, and absences drops when the student has access to fair and equal transportation to and from school. 


Children need a safe way to get to, and from school. Children should not be forced to walk in the rain, and lightning to attend school. They should not be forced to walk in the vicinity of sexual predators to get to school, and return home. These children are the future of our country and they deserve fair and equal treatment.  


Problem and solution 


Problem: Bonham ISD lacks the bus fleet, and drivers to transport students under the 2 mile rule.

Solution: Run tiered routes where bus drivers with a shorter route drop their original students, then return to pick up city students. The same theory could apply in the afternoon. 


Problem: There are too many students in the city to stop door to door.

Solution: Establish bus stops central to areas of ease to pick up, and drop off students. 


Problem: Bonham ISD lacks the funding to transport students under the 2 mile rule.

Solution: Offer a tuition based transportation for students under the 2 mile rule, if the district can not prove to the state of Texas that the Education code Sec.48.151 exceptions apply. 

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