Justice for dog Lucky-a stray beaten to almost death for taking shelter from rains

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WARNING: You need to have a strong heart to read what’s ahead. But do read if you call yourself human.

This petition is for a stray dog now named ‘Lucky’ who got extremely unlucky when he made an attempt to take shelter from heavy rains in Mumbai’s Turf View building compound on July 24, 2019. Upon instructions of Mr.Bhatia, a ruthless resident of the same complex, the security guards were asked to beat the dog to pulp and throw across the street, so that no stray animals dared to enter the building complex. The monstrosity does not end here because the security guards did what Mr.Bhatia commanded. They hit the dog really bad and left him writhing in pain in that building’s compound. All this so that others could take notice and understand that stray animals are not to be fed nor should be allowed to take shelter in Turf View society in Mumbai’s Worli.

In addition to this, he also demanded that no stray animals should be fed by any animal lover in the building and if someone does it, he/she too should be beaten like the dog. However, animal rights group did lodge an FIR with Worli Police, but the arrested accused were bailed out within 20 minutes! 

Also, the video of the dog suffering in the compound has surfaced on social media, but it’s heart wrenching to watch. Actors such as John Abraham, Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma from India’s Bollywood fraternity have come forward to fight for justice and are asking that people come forward with banners in their hands to tell Mr.Bhatia and people like him that this is unforgivable. This is all over the news, but the poor dog is in coma. He has serious injuries over his head and abdomen, and is being treated at a local veterinary clinic. 

But his suffering is pricking a hole in the heart. He may or may not survive this abnormal beating.

‘Incidents like these hold testimony to the shallow nature of human beings who are blinded by success and status. On one hand, the rich of the country shell thousands to buy dogs as 'status symbols' while on the other hand, they despise homeless animals. Left at the mercy of these people, several strays are left to die in the so-called 'developed' and 'urban' parts of the country’, says Times Now News.

While the awareness about this heinous crime has been established through lightening fast social media channels, the aggression should not die here. Lucky needs Justice and a fast track court needs to be put in place to put Mr.Bhatia and the two security guards behind the bars. They will have to be fined heavily and will have to be sentenced serious imprisonment. It is because an animal is not an object of abuse who will take thrashing from humans in such a ghastly manner.

This petition will seal that Mr.Bhatia’s crime is not subject to any bail. Please come forward and sign it.