Reverse the decision to allow the club kit to be sponsored by Quick Quid

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We won!

Hi everyone. As you will no doubt have heard by now, our famous old club has done the right thing and dropped Quick Quid as sponsor. Instead we'll be sponsored by a fledgling local business - FibrLec - which specialises in sustainable energy. I'm sure you'll agree this is a fantastic result. Praise is due to the board and chairman for their decision and for responding to the fans. Lots of work was also put in by councillors, MPs, local businesses and others who all helped to highlight the mistake that was being made. Of course, massive thanks are also due to you for signing this petition - we couldn't have done it without you! To see the full statement from the club, go here: Hopefully this will serve as a cautionary tale to other clubs who may be considering similar deals. And hopefully it sends a message to Quick Quid and other payday lenders - you're not welcome in our communities. Cheers!

Andy Walton
8 years ago