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New Scheduling Manager for Bolton McDonald's

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Weekly schedules are set to come out anytime of the day on Thursday's, but as you all know, our schedules are kinda messed up, they come out late, you are scheduled against your availability, or you are scheduled on days you booked off. Recently our regular scheduling manager took a week off of work, making it necessary for another manager to make the schedule for the upcoming week. Caleigh was the manager who stepped in to make the schedule in replace of the regular scheduling manager. When this schedule was released, I was receiving texts from multiple employees about how great their schedule was because either they were put on stations they were strong and comfortable with being on during specific times of the day, or their availability was followed, or they weren't scheduled on days they booked off, or they got an amazing amount of hours (as much or as little as they liked). I believe, along with many others, that Caleigh has done an outstanding job at making the schedule this week; not only did she follow availability and book offs, she also used her knowledge from working on the floor with us employees to decide who would be best during what times and on what stations. When making this schedule, she took into consideration the workers that put the most effort in and the workers that actually care about hourly sales, times, accuracy and guest experience. I'm sure if you are one of the many employees that care about all of that stuff, then you enjoy your job and you would like to be scheduled for a lot of hours on a station that you are strong at, but if you don't care about any of that stuff and you're just working at McDonald's to raise a bit of cash and that's it, then you probably would much rather get a couple of shifts and a few hours a week; and Caleigh knows who those people are, and with that in mind she has made the best schedule that any of us part-timers have seen in a while, so I have started this petition in hopes to get our General Manager, Richard, to consider having Caleigh as our new scheduling manager, because like I said before, the schedule she made has been the best any of us have seen in quite some time, and it would be awesome to have her make the schedules every week, so if you would like to see this happen, please sign this petition, I can ensure you that reading this took more time than what it's going to take you to sign the petition. So please, help bring a change to the lives of the Part-Time employees at Bolton McDonalds!

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