Provide funding so Mhist can keep important mental health support groups running in Bolton

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MhIST mental health independent support team are a charity organisation based in Bolton that provide much needed services and support for people living with mental health conditions. 

MhIST has asked Bolton CCG to step in and fund the self-help group element of the MhIST service. These support groups provide vital support for some of the most vulnerable people living in Bolton and the surrounding area.

The groups have previously been funded by a grant from Tudor Trust which ended on the 31st March 2018.

The present situation is that

·   all self-help groups are closed to new referrals

·   Self-help group members have been advised from the 13th April 2018 of the possible situation.

·   NHS and other organisations that refer have been advised that self-help groups will be suspended indefinitely pending confirmation of funding

In order to continue providing this vital support we need funding and would be grateful for your support in expressing this to the Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group by signing this petition.

If you are a member or have been referred to us recently you can contact

·   Whoever referred you ,your GP, Psychiatrist, CPN, Social Worker or therapist

·   As well as signing our petition below you could express your concern with

·   Chair Bolton CCG Wirin Bhatiani

·   Chief Officer Bolton CCG Su Long

·   Chief Executive Bolton Council Tony Oakman

·   Leader of Bolton Council Linda Thomas