Alter or cancel plans to build on Langwith Maltins

Alter or cancel plans to build on Langwith Maltins

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Started by Peter Brown

Langwith maltins is currently be surveyed for the construction of 58 residential properties. The company aiming to complete this project is the starship group, who have already cleared much of the land of its greenery and woodland, devastating the local wildlife even before any planning permission has been approved. This occurrence seems strange and unusual and begs the question, why did the land need to be cleared for the purposes of a preliminary survey? Or was this just a tactic to lower the environmental value of the land, therefore making it easier to acquire permissions needed for construction? I don’t know, I’m just asking questions. Though it’s understandable that I and many others are unsure of what’s going on as there has been no information given to residents prior to these  events. 

from conducting some research, a CGI rendering has been found on Facebook page of the construction company which indicates that houses and bungalows will be build directly to the rear garden of some residents of dale close.  This raises concerns of loss of privacy, due to the fact that properties will be in such close proximity to current residents boundaries, overlooking the rear gardens (in the case of houses). As well as this of course, disruption caused by the construction process. 

Best case scenario, I hope that this petition will stop the plans to build and give the land back to nature so that the wildlife and micro ecosystems might some day return.
however if this goal is unattainable, I hope that the starship group will reevaluate their plans, and stike off the houses planned that will directly invade the privacy or cure residents if dale close. 




from a concerned resident of dale close

76 have signed. Let’s get to 100!