Babies 0-3 years allowed and accept at Bologna Children's Book Fair. // Please!!

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Dear Friends,

I'm proffesional children's illustrator from Spain. Last March I went to the Bologna Children's Book Fair with my baby of 1 year. My surprise was that Bologna fair staff did not let me go with my baby inside. (Previosly before to travel I asked them by mail and they said yes, you can!). Finally, all people passed inside with their babies but all days they said to us: Next year Babies will not allowed to pass into the fair.

Many people that come to the fair are freelance workers and come of all parts of the world with their babies because they are too small to stay with grandmothers, grandfather, schools. or kindergarten or we don't have a family that could help us

We are Illustrators, translators, publishers, librarians.... and we need to pass with our babies 0-3 years. We understand that more older children couldn't be at the fair because thet could disturb to other people, but babies in theirs carriages with their parents would be in peace at the fair.

Could you help me to allow babies without problems next Bologa children's book fair?

Ps. Maybe a kindergarten for them at the fair?

Thank you!


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