Release Tanoa as a free to play map, like Malden.

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With the release of the tanks DLC, Tanoa should become a free to play map. This doesn't include the other features of APEX, but instead just the map. Arma 3 APEX was released in early July of 2016, and since then the community has received many other awesome DLCs and updates, but unfortunately many players in the community still find it difficult to afford the APEX DLC. 

Recently, a large community server I play on decided to move to Tanoa. The community along with myself were very excited to experience the the server on a new terrain, considering myself and many others weren't around when the server was on Tanoa for a short period of time. Unfortunately during this time, the community lost quite a large chunk of their player base, considering many people didn't have access to Tanoa as they didn't own APEX. This forced the community to move back to altis, and continue their combat roleplay server on the Greek wastelands. 

With the recent vote to move to Tanoa for a change, many less fortunate players cannot play with the community any longer, due to unaffordability of the DLC.

On behalf of many of the Arma 3 veterans, and the recent rookies that have decided to give Arma a shot, we ask simply that you release Tanoa as a free to play map like Malden. This wouldn't include the APEX specific vehicles, weapons and campaigns. I believe the community would heavily appreciate this decision, and possible invest in APEX when they can finally afford it, to enjoy the vehicles, weapons and campaigns.

I'd like to add, if this wasn't to happen, we would still heavily appreciate a reduction in the price of APEX, or a few sales down the line with the release of updates and DLCs.

Also, a big thankyou from the Arma 3 community for the continual development of Arma.