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Boeing: release SSFL gag orders and restore freedom of speech for residents.

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People shouldn't have to choose between paying their medical bills and their freedom of speech.

The cancer victims surrounding the Santa Susana Field Lab, primarily owned by Boeing, have had to do just that. Instead of exercising their freedom of speech, local residents have been denied the freedom to speak about the site that may have caused their cancer.

When cancer inflicted residents sued Boeing, they were required to sign gag orders. They were able to pay their medical bills with the settlements but they are no longer legally allowed to warn their neighbors or share their stories of how dangerous the Santa Susana Field Lab is. 

For twenty-one years Boeing has avoided their moral and legal responsibilities to completely clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab and unless residents fight back, Boeing never will. They've donated the radioactive site as "open land," knowing that the area still has the potential to expose visitors and nearby residents to nuclear contamination such as cesium-137 and plutonium-239 and carcinogenic chemicals such as trichloroethylene and perchlorate. These can cause harm to human health after a single, short-term exposure.

An EPA report conducted by the University of Michigan found that residents living within two miles of the Santa Susana Field Lab, one of America's worst nuclear meltdowns, had a 60% higher cancer incident rate. The area also has a 20% higher invasive breast cancer rate compared to the rest of California. The area also has above average pediatric cancer rates. 

Unless all residents can stand united against Boeing, the community will lose the fight and residents will continue to be exposed to cancer-causing contamination for generations. 

Tell Boeing to release SSFL cancer victims from their gag orders so they can help their neighbors fight for a safe and complete cleanup of all the nuclear and carcinogenic waste at the Santa Susana Field Lab. No one should have to give up their freedom of speech in order to get a settlement to pay their cancer medical bills. 

Fifty local children are fighting cancer that may have been caused by the Santa Susana Field Lab. Please also sign our petition to protect kids from nuclear and carcinogenic exposure

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