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Boehner & McConnell --► OUR 2013 HOSTAGE REBELLION!

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Letter to
Representative Paul Cook
Senator Mitch McConnell
Senator Harry Reid
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Representative John Boehner
U.S. House of Representatives
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“WE THE HOSTAGES” of the United States of America, demand our unconditional release from the partisan politics, gridlock, obstructionism, and extremism we’ve been captive to the past 4 years. Simply put…we’ve had enough!

You might recall, we sent you a message November 6th, to cease and desist. Instead, you’ve persisted and we, therefore, continue to hold you in utter contempt. A recent poll has you ranked lower than a root canal and head lice!

After the election, you made the usual noises promising to be more conciliatory, bipartisan and reach across the aisle to move this country forward. Perhaps some voters believed you, but not the signatories to this petition ~ we knew you were lying…it’s what you do best. Even the horrors of December 14th failed to get your attention. You feigned outrage over the Sandy Hook massacre…then quickly pivoted to a fictional “Fiscal Cliff” crisis, holding the entire country “hostage” again. We sat and watched with disbelief how this latest drama unfolded. The incredible bungling of the supposed negotiations was classic Teapublicanism. Quite frankly, it was an embarrassment.

Now, just days into the new year, still ignoring our November 6th mandate, you’ve pivoted once again to the infamous Debt Ceiling. Listen to us carefully: We will NOT sit idly by and allow you to destroy this country’s nor the global economy. You will NOT shut down our government. You will NOT throw us into default, causing further devaluation of our credit rating. The economy is, at best, still fragile struggling to recover from the “George Bush Financial Crisis of 2008”. There’s no way we’re going through that again. Please take us seriously…we’ve had enough!

Here’s our partial list of demands. It’s not all-inclusive nor necessarily in order of importance, but this is what we DEMAND:

1. Raise the debt ceiling – permanently!
2. Sequestration and Budget Cuts – you will look to your corporate donors to pony up!...including but not limited to eliminating Oil Subsidies ($20 Billion per year – for what?); tax incentives to ship our jobs overseas!!! (Seriously?); Capital Gains tax to be at the same rate as earned income!; tax transactions on Wall Street. And why are we subsidizing Big Pharma and Agricultural giants like Monsanto?
3. Social Security and Medicare – Off the table! These are NOT entitlement programs…only to the extent that we have paid taxes for these benefits and are, indeed, “entitled” to them. The only thing you can adjust in Medicare is to eliminate the income cap of $110,000! Who came up with that brilliant idea? Why should we pay for Warren Buffet’s Medicare or for anyone making over $100K per year?
4. Medicaid – non-starter. You will NOT do further harm to the poor…they’re suffering enough.
5. Hurricane Sandy Relief – political brinksmanship has no place in getting ALL of the aid to the disaster victims. What you did, Mr. Boehner was disgraceful…
6. Strict Gun Control Legislation! We’re done with Grover Norquist and his tax pledge…and we’re surely over Wayne LaPierre and the NRA!
7. Filibuster Reform – we’re tired of the games and your 60-vote super majority, too! If you want to filibuster, stand on the floor for 20 hours and read the phone book like you used to!
8. Immigration Reform – it’s the moral and ethical thing to do…period.
9. Federal Election Reform – we will NOT go through the 2012 fiasco again! That includes your redistricting and gerrymandering ~ we’re not going to put up with it!!!
10. Cabinet Appointments – President Obama has earned the right to appoint whomever he wishes. We don’t want a prolonged debate about it… We demand that you swiftly confirm Kerry, Hagel and Brennan! Also, let John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte and Susan Collins know that their malicious attempt to destroy the reputation of Susan Rice was reprehensible!...followed by offensive remarks by others that Hillary Clinton had a case of Benghazi Flu was the worst example of gutter politics.

Finally, pass the JOBS BILL to get Americans back to work!!! You’ve played politics with the lives of the American people for far too long…and we’ve simply had ENOUGH!

You ignore our demands at your own peril. We will see you in 2014…if not sooner!

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