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High School #13 - Why Not Here? Why Not Now? Why Not Jessup?

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We the undersigned, support the acquisition of the Chase Property, at Mission Road, for the intended use of at least two new schools, water storage facility and ball fields for Howard County Schools.

Opening the 13th high school in 2022 is essential to relieve overcrowding and as part of a long-term solution for capacity need in our county. Our County Council approved funding to purchase the property in the FY 2017 budget. Funding was accelerated for the 13th high school so it could open in 2022. The Mission Road Property is 77 acres of viable land; land that can easily accommodate two, if not three schools.  These schools will not only ease overcrowding, they will provide a stable infrastructure for the area. 

Our county has devoted considerable resources to acquire this site ready for development and construction of the 13th high school. It has had environmental and air quality assessments, and has the approval of the State Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC) to proceed with acquisition for a school site. As per the purchase agreement, the Mission Road property will be leveled, graded and back filled by Chase Properties at no additional cost to the county.  The site is ready NOW. 

Further delays in acquisition and testing of other properties will push back the opening of a high school in the county.  The projected overcapacity numbers are startling.  We need you to help us all have a voice, to demand better for our children. Together we are powerful, together we are strong.

Why Not Here? Why Not Now? Why Not Jessup? High School #13

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