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Dear Body Corporate of Lunnon Crest

 The residents of Lunnon Crest would like to bring to your attention some issues we have encountered with the new gate system that was implemented at the end of last year (2017). We brought these issues to the attention of our caretaker, Brandon Howard, and received the email regarding the trustees’ opinions on the matter. We, the residents of Lunnon Crest, would like to address the matter further as we have seen that the cons far outweigh the pros with the new system.

 To our understanding, from the email that was sent by the Body Corporate, the security risk involves monitoring who goes in and out the gate. Firstly, with the new system, we have found visitors’ cars (with no Lunnon Crest identification) in our parking bay that entered while the security guard was on patrol. It seems that the only way of now finding out who let a visitor in, is to know exactly what time that said visitor had the gate opened for them and then tracing the number on the system – which is very tedious and the issue will not be resolved immediately. This new system is putting new pressures on the guards from residents. We can vouch that the guards, unfairly, take majority of the blame if a resident finds another non-resident car in their parking. It is out of the guards’ control.

 Secondly, by getting rid of the pedestrian tag system poses its own security risks, the first one being that having ones phone out on Lunnon Road is unsafe. In the past years, there have been cars stolen and there have been many reported cases of muggings outside this building. Another problem that we have experienced is that pedestrians walk in front of cars (through the main gate instead of the pedestrian gate) causing the gate to immediately close behind the pedestrian, and the car having to phone the gate again. We believe that with the current system, there is no protocol that visitors have to follow in order to enter (i.e. signing in). If the gate guard is on patrol, anyone can walk in if the gate is opened for them. There is also the inevitable risk of residents’ phones having a flat battery, having no airtime or their phone being stolen, causing them to wait outside until the gate guard can let them in.

 This is why, we, as the residents of Lunnon Crest, propose a Fingerprint System to be implemented. We have heard of many apartment buildings in Hatfield that now employ a fingerprint system (including the University of Pretoria). This system has a very high success rate. We believe the Fingerprint System will decrease the aforementioned security risks and still adhere to the trustees’ concern for monitoring who comes in and out of the gate.

We thank you for taking the time to process our concerns and look forward to your response and solution.

 Kind regards

Residents of Lunnon Crest

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