Body Camera Law

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Body cameras for all police officers!!!!

Some ideas that would help protect and bring safety.

1. Require all officers to wear body cameras not capable of being shut off by the officer, altered or destroyed.

2. Footage should be stored up to 90 days in its original form giving anyone time to request the footage of there encounter showing no lapse of time. 

3. Jailers, prison guards and any other type of position of authority of that nature required to wear body cameras, Danville Illinois has a history of jailers taking an individual to an area cameras are not available and that person is now severally injured or died. With a body camera, solves that problem of cameras not in the area.

4. All footage of interaction with civilians should be reviewed for professionalism, training and transparency purposes.

5. Tampering with the footage is a felony, instant removal and suspension pending investigation that has to be available to the public after a decision has been made.

6. Officer cannot act in that capacity unless thier body camera is functioning to allow breaks, personal time, bathroom or whatever.

7. Footage must be stored and screened for possible tampering at the end of each shit.

8. Footage is available upon request within 72hrs

9. Footage can be deleted if thier is no known request or foreseeable court actions. 

10. Prisons and jails would be required to maintain the same standards of transparency


 This isn’t a law and nothing but a local decision made by people who never had to worry about police brutality or wasnt an officer who has ever been accused and was innocent. 

 Body cameras would of held every police officer who violated my rights, over and over again virtually making my juvenile years the most feared time of my life accountable. Been dropped off miles outside of town only to be forced to walk back, left handcuffed for hours in a squad car at 16, forced searches and held for hours at traffic stops all while under the age and my list continues and so does so many other people. I’m now 35 and still get scared when I have interactions with a officer not wearing a camera, instantly wondering what the officer is about to do or say they don’t want recorded? 

 Body cameras also protect good officers highlighting them while exposing officers that need to find another job, allowing trainers to review officers actions to make sure transparency, accountability and honesty. 

 I lost my scholarship, become homeless, juvenile charged as adult and If body cameras was available then my adult life would be different today, don’t be apart of that and hold officers accountable when they do, reward the ones that are actually serving and protecting. 

 Corrupt officers are in small towns and not just cities, sometimes worse in the smaller communities because the lack of supervision, we all deserve the best police and no more police brutality, please sign and let help make this law.