Boca Greens Truck Bylaw Amendment Change

Boca Greens Truck Bylaw Amendment Change

September 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Faith Bristow

Boca Greens is a great family-friendly community with a few outdated bylaws that need amended. This petition will be used to present the request to modify the pickup truck ban (Commercial Logos which will need to cover permanently placed logos or remove logo'd magnets daily) to the Boca Greens Board of Directors and request the bylaw be amended. We are not looking to replace these bylaws with new ones, with exception for defining commercial logo's, we just want the pickup truck ban amended to allow homeowners the freedom to choose what they want to drive and to park in their driveway without fear of being in violation of a bylaw, or possibly being towed.

By making this amendment, this will open our community to even more families, big or small. We want to welcome everyone ~ that is the only way we can continue to be a sought out neighborhood. With the homeowner turnover in the last two years, it's time to make this change happen.

It's been said that the Boca Greens Board of Directors are highly against the removal of the truck ban, so in order for the Board of Directors to even look at this, we need at minimum 20% of the homeowners to sign this petition. There are 586 houses in Boca Greens, meaning we need at minimum 118 houses to sign this petition. If this does happen, and it goes to voting, WE ALL MUST SHOW UP TO APPROVE THIS. If everyone wants this done, SHOW UP! It missed passing in 2020 by 5%... Come on, 5%?!?!?! We've got this! 

Currently, Section 8. USE AND OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS, 8.4, A, Prohibited Vehicles or Items. This Section A lists prohibited 
vehicles or items ("Prohibited Vehicles"), which are prohibited 
anywhere on the Properties, except within the garage of a 
Dwelling Structure with the garage door closed, unless such 
vehicle or item is also listed in Section B below, In which case 
it shall not be prohibited outside of the garage: Trucks, 
including pick-up trucks, whether or not a camper top ls added; 
motorcycles, dirt bikes or other two-wheeled motorized 
vehicles; mopeds and other self-powered bicycles; trucks, 
whether covered or uncovered, whether with a bed top or 
without; agriculture vehicles; dune buggies, swamp buggies 
and all terrain and off-road vehicles; any trailer or other device 
transportable by vehicular towing; semis, tractors or tractor 
trailers; buses; limousines; travel trailers; commercial vehicles 
as defined below; vehicles which are an eyesore; motorcycle 
delivery wagons; campers; recreational vehicles; mobile 
homes or mobile houses: truck mounted campers attached or 
detached from the truck chassis; motor homes or motor 
houses; motor vehicles not having any bodies whatsoever, or 
incomplete bodies; passenger automobiles that have been 
converted to a different type of motor vehicle by replacing the 
original body or by modifying the exterior of the vehicle; 
vehicles that are noisy, unsightly or junkers, or which have flat 
or missing tires; vans, unless permitted by Section 8.6 below; 
and boat and boat trailers; and other such motor vehicles; and 
any vehicle with a cover on it. 

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Signatures: 152Next Goal: 200
Support now