FRSC should enforce the NPA minimum safety standard for vehicles to reduce road accidents.

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Today, a preventable accident occurred at the Otedola bridge, Lagos involving a heavy duty fuel tank that exploded on the highway, with many dead and a lot more injured. This could have been prevented if the minimum safety standard set by the Nigerian Ports Authorities was strictly enforced.

Not only heavy duty trucks, but all vehicles should be properly inspected before being allowed on the roads. It's common to see a bike carrying up to four passengers or a human cargo truck in Nigeria. Trucks carrying human cargo have had accidents in the past, a simple break when people aren't holding tight could lead to them being spawned over and eventually sustaining injury or even dying.

The Solution

  1. Proper vehicle inspection should be enforced in accordance to the NPA's minimum safety standard.
  2. Heavy duty trucks (especially those carrying flammable substances) should be restricted to night operations only if it can't be transported through the railways.
  3. Heavy duty trucks carrying human cargo should be seized and impounded. Carrying human cargo on a truck is not helping but endangering lives.
  4. Heavy duty trucks should be allocated and restricted to a separate route. If it could be done for BRT, it can be done for heavy duty trucks.

We don't need to wait for another tragedy before we take action, let's make a move for change, once and for all.

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