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Reconsider Season Termination

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High school sporting events are filled with deep emotions. Players, coaches, and parents all demonstrate their emotion for the game. Sometimes, play becomes very physical between athletes. Moreover, parents shout their opinions at referees. Although tempers fly, high school sporting events make a way for student-athletes to find their passion in life. High school sports allow kids to go to college. Furthermore, college allows those student-athletes to see a better way of life and establish a career.

Granted, the event that occurred during the Griffith-Hammond basketball game was an embarrassing act for both schools and the IHSAA. Behavior of such nature most certainly should be punished. However, termination of a season that both teams have looked forward to all year long is quite staggering. This is bigger than basketball. Statistics show that school drop-out rates are significantly higher for those that do not participate in after school events. To have a sport in an urban environment taken away is the last thought that should come to mind. For those kids, basketball is their only way out. Basketball is what motivates those kids to stay in school. If this season is taken away from them, they will be left with idle hands and nothing to look forward to. Dreams will be shattered, opportunities swept away.

Mistakes in life are made. Both teams made their mistakes on the court that day. Disciplinary action should be directed to those directly involved in the incident. Suspension for a justified number of games with some form of anger management could be an option that would suffice. Everyone else should be able to continue on with the rest of the season.

--Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that does not mean they have to pay for them for the rest of their life. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It does not mean they are bad. It means they are human

Please, help the Griffith Panthers and Hammond High Wildcats get the decision to terminate the season reconsidered. Let us think about how ending this season will impact their life from here out.

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