The neglect, cruelty and murders of animals needs to stop

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Animals are being murdered at animal shelter everywhere.  I know a few select shelters who do their best to get animals out of their shelters but san Bernardino shelter is one of the most horrific shelters. This little dog came in with her sibling and also came in wearing a little pink sweater. The shelter took away her sweater and separated her from her sibling and now she is dead. SHE FROZE TO DEATH IN THE COLD. The shelter director needs to be fired and held accountable for the cruelty he ouigives the animals in the shelter he is in charge of. This is not the first murder he has committed and will not be the last. He doesn't know how to run a shelter let alone show animals compassion.  Why are the city k9supervisors allowing the cruelty and murder happen?? Why are the mayor allowing this cruelty to happen ??  Please make a call to them and make them explain why this animal abuser is the director of the animal shelter and please sign the petition and share. There needs to be a shelter reform and keep people like this out of our animal shelters. Her intake # was A521342. Her siblings # is A521341. The shelter number is 1.909.384.1304 San Bernardino animal shelter.


Thank you