Bob White Lane Rezoning Opposition Petition (RZN2021-002)

Bob White Lane Rezoning Opposition Petition (RZN2021-002)

59 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Why this petition matters

Bob White Developers LLC has submitted a request to the City of Suffolk to rezone 65 acres of land from Residential Rural (1 home per acre) to Residential Low Medium (2.9 homes per acre).  This rezoning request is not consistent with any of the surrounding neighborhoods.

If approved, this developer, represented by Bob Arnette, could build as many as 188 homes versus 65 homes.  And though the rezoning request submitted by Bob Arnette states the developer will build 131 homes; it is still too many.

Thus the Quaker Neck Community seeks your support in voicing your opposition to this rezoning request (RZN2021-002 to be exact) to maintain the density standard of homes in our communities:

1)  Sign this petition voicing your concerns.  The list of signatures will be presented at any and all public hearings on the topic.

2)  Email all members of the City of Suffolk Council at to echo your concerns.  City Members are: Michael Duman, Mayor; Leroy Bennett, Vice Mayor; Shelley Butler Barlow; Roger Fawcett; Donald Goldberg; Timothy Johnson; Lue Ward and LeOtis Williams.

3)  Attend the in-person Public Hearing in front of the City of Suffolk Planning Commission who provide a recommendation to the City Council on whether to approve or not.  The members are listed below, you can find their emails at the following link to voice your concerns:

Arthur Singleton, Chairman; Oliver Creekmore, Kittrell Eberwine; Johnnie Edwards; Gerald Goodman; Anita Hicks; John Rector and Mills Staylor

4)  Attend the City Council public hearing if they receive the rezoning request to approve/disapprove.

59 have signed. Let’s get to 100!