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Bothell High School Senior Pictures

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The students of Bothell High School Class of 2018 are entering their senior year of high school, which is a year that contains much to look forward to for any incoming senior: senior pictures, senior PROM, senior breakfast, graduation, etc.

However, "senior pictures" was abruptly torn off of the list at the start of the summer when it was announced that all incoming seniors at Bothell High School would be required to schedule a photo shoot with Dorian Studio (a portrait studio with a 3/5 star rating on Google reviews) and no student would be allowed to submit their own photos to be printed in the 2017-2018 yearbook.

There are many things wrong with this decision (which the students had no say in).

1. A handful of students had already begun to prepare their senior photos before this announcement was made, resulting in an utter waste of the time and money spent by these students.

2. Senior pictures have traditionally been an important and iconic part of senior year for students every year, and every student must be given the freedom to choose who, when, where, and how they take their photos, and be able to decide which photo would be printed above their names in their senior yearbook. Forcing students to schedule a 5-20 minute shooting with limited options takes away their freedom of meeting up with friends on different days of the summer to go out with a photographer of their choice, as well as being able to choose different hairstyles, outfits, times, and locations throughout multiple days.

3. Many students have already expressed complaints about how their photos turned out when the senior pictures were made available recently for viewing and choosing. They have said that the lighting, the background, the angle, the instructed poses, the editing, etc. are simply bad for many of these photos. Of course, there are students who are happy with how their photos turned out, and they should still be given the choice to submit one of them as long as everyone else who may not be satisfied isn't forced to do the same.

4. It was explained that a factor of this decision was that when seniors submit their own photos, it is difficult for the yearbook class to organize and keep track of them, which results in various mistakes in the senior pictures section in the yearbook. However, this seems like a problem that can be fixed through a revised method of organization and careful revision, which can simply be acquired by brainstorming or by asking other schools to explain the methods they use to more effectively collect and organize the submitted photos.

5. More importantly, it was also explained by staff that one of the main reasons for this decision was to give those who were less fortunate an equal opportunity to take a professional senior picture through the complimentary option as well as other affordable options made available by Dorian. We acknowledge that this was a very respectable prospect, and we do believe that this option should be kept available for our less fortunate classmates. However, it does not make sense to force everyone else to have their senior pictures taken through the same company to strive for equal opportunity. (TLDR: This would have been a great idea if it was simply made available to students, not forcefully required.)

We also recognize that many students have already paid to take photos with Dorian in July, and we are not asking for refunds of any kind. As mentioned above, the students should still be able to submit a photo taken by Dorian should they choose to do so. However, we ask that we would also be given the freedom to submit our own pictures outside of Dorian.

Although this may not seem like a huge deal, we hope that you will allow us, the Bothell students, to have a voice and to come together and make a change.

Thank you!

Go Cougs.

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