Help us Free Schaeffer Cox and bring him home to his family.

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American Political Prisoner Schaeffer Cox is a father of two young children.  What started as a budding political career in Fairbanks, Alaska soon turned into a nightmare.  Now incarcerated in a Federal Communications Management Unit (CMU) Prison which is designed for silencing inspirational, political dissidents, Schaeffer Cox pleas for your help!

Schaeffer Cox is the first person in America to be sent to prison for a hypothetical crime that only existed in an imaginary dystopian future.  This is a 1984 Thought Crime!  The prosecutor's case was this:  "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, imagine a post apocalyptic future where there is martial law, and Stalinesque mass arrests and purges of whole people groups, and genocide left and right.  Would Schaeffer Cox fight back in a situation like that - hypothetically speaking?  If so, you need to find him guilty of conspiring against the government."  The Supreme Court didn't reverse it.  In 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit dropped the solicitation charge for this fictitious crime, but kept the fictitious conspiracy charges.  How could they keep the conspiracy charges?  This judicial injustice is insane.  Schaeffer is in his 7th year of a 26 year sentence.  Please help us shine light and make some noise about this case--  sign this petition today!