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Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

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Marijuana is a drug that has many myths and stigmas surrounding it, and the pros of the legalization of marijuana outweigh the cons. 

Marijuana is a drug that is also known as weed, cannabis, pot, and a variety of other terms and slang. The drug is known for its psychological effects that offers a variety of positive effects such as stress relief, an appetite supplement, and a variety of other healthy benefits. Marijuana, compared to other drugs is a lot safer. 37,000 Canadians die from tobacco smoking every year and 2000 Canadians die from alcoholic liver disease every year, and yet there has been no recorded case of death caused by marijuana overdose. Marijuana is overall much safer than current legal substances.

This issue is significant to all Canadian citizens and not just those who use or plan on using marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would create a new tax revenue source which would bring Canada billions of dollars every year (up to $22.6 billion annually). This money could be invested into helping Canadian citizens via building more schools, community centers, building/ fixing roads, etc. The legality of marijuana is a big issue in Canada and it will affect all of us Canadians and future generation.

This petition will be sent to the local Members of Parliament Bob Saroya, and Jane Philpott in order to show them that our community wants to have marijuana be legalized.

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