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Improve Internet Service In New Ross NS.

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Enough is enough...

All rural communities across this country have suffered from a lack of focus and dedication from all levels of government and the CRTC, in regards to supplying decent, high speed internet connectivity to rural communities. In this day and age, according to the United Nations, it is a recognizable right that we must have.

New Ross, NS is no different.

If you live in a rural area then you understand the frustration that is felt by not being able  to work from home (telecommute), to be educated by distance learning opportunities, to enjoy videos like NetFlix or Youtube, or even play games, due to inadequate connection speeds well below what was promised. Paying prices equivalent to urban areas with top connectivity for below par service that we receive from the limited number of options available to us all is wrong and a slap in the face to us all and it must end now...

It is clear that if nothing continues to be done the cost of upgrading the coverage, no matter what option or cost is done, will end up being far less than what is being lost by opportunities that cannot be taken in the business, educational and recreational areas.

The time has come to cry out, in one concentrated voice, to make those with the power change the situation and bring us into the 21st Century. To realize that we are no longer the silent. No longer shall we sit and watch a loading wheel spin. No longer shall we sit as our neighbours, families and friends enjoy what we can only dream about. The internet speeds are poor at best with the constant buffering and lag issues. We continue to be put on the back burner with false promises of improvements and upgrades from Bell Aliant.

This petition will be sent to every level of government, not only in this province but Federally as well, to show that regional, economic development in rural areas cannot be accomplished without the speed that companies need to compete in the world today.

Add your name to the list and change the future... If we don't, then no one will !

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