Petition update

A comment from Charlie's Mom Trisha~

Alice Coulter
Navarre, FL

Dec 8, 2012 — FACTS:
- Charlie did not miss any open enrollment deadline. Charlie was already a Kimberly Student, and he always has been.
-Charlie's enrollment was TERMINATED without any prior notification while he was in the hospital.
-I was told that this was just a "technicality" and to re-open enroll him under the exception law.
-Did that...waited for weeks and heard nothing back from Kimberly. So I sent them an e-mail stating that Charlie needed school.
-was called 3 nights ago by Superintendent Bob Mayfield that they were denying his open enrollment. He was not allowed back in the district until he was no longer home bound.
-He was home bound all of last year, had a tutor through his school in Kimberly, and this was his IEP that was developed for him by Kimberly.
We are not asking for ANY rules to bent. In fact, We are asking the the Laws be upheld!


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