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Petitioning Superintendent of Schools, Kimberly, WI. Robert S. Mayfield, Ed.D

Bob Mayfield, Superintendent, Kimberly, Wisconsin School District: Let Charlie Knuth return to his school after 2nd stem cell transplant!

Charlie & his family have been through enough in his 6 short years. He should be in 1st grade with his familiar teachers and friends NOW! The Kimberly, WI. School District is denying his enrollment at this time after he recently returned to his home in Darboy after spending several months out of state for his 2nd stem cell transplant. Charlie's complete story can be found here:
A recent article from a local news station in WI can be found here:

Bob Mayfield's quote is "Charlie is welcome back to the district when he is no longer HOME-BOUND". Bob Mayfield is denying Charlie access to a tutor within his district and wants to send him to another district nearby where Charlie knows no one. Why the change? Why can't this brave, strong boy, who has overcome so much already with his EB be allowed to resume his routine? He misses school desperately.

This is outrageous. Let's try to get Charlie back to LEARNING with the same teachers he has grown to love and back to trying to live a normal life!

QUOTE from Charlie's Mom: "Please sign this petition. Charlie does not deserve to be kicked out of a district because he was fighting for his life in a hospital. Since when is habitual truancy the same as " hospitalization?" Please make your voice heard, and use Charlie's story to speak for those who can't speak up for themselves."


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  • Superintendent of Schools, Kimberly, WI.
    Robert S. Mayfield, Ed.D

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